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Stop wondering if you're doing the right maintenances and start improving your assets life cycle by using Binder.

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Optimize Maintenances

Run Binder's algorithms to save time and money.

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30 days hassle-free integration guaranteed.

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Receive support whenever and wherever you need it.

Multi-site management

Manufacturers use Binder across the world.

Seemless integration with all your other platforms

Connect Binder with your work calendar to get notified when important work is being done on critical equipments.

Let our team connect your ERP to our application to save time on part management.

Automated Work Order generation

Generate work orders automatically without having to manually send emails or reminders to collegues. Save time by ensuring work is properly assigned and planned.

Build dynamic forms

Easily build dynamic forms so your team knows exactly how to do the work. Add data entry to start logging information about equipments and ensure certification standards.

What our users say about us

At Binder, we value the users experience and we regularly design new functionnalities to suit their needs.

Binder's solution is intuitive and only takes a few hours to install. Our subcontractors use it every day without having had any prior training. The step-by-step deployment of Binder has allowed us to save significant costs in addition to gaining efficiency in the management of our maintenance. In addition, it greatly facilitates the management of compliance with ISO standards.

Denis sauvé

Quality Director

We believe in numbers

If you're still not convinced, these numbers will.

30 days

Maximum Integration length


Of Training needed


Average ROI the first year


Unplanned Stoppages avoided

Learn more about Maintenance KPIs

Our team of specialists wrote a guide to help you identify the performance of your maintenance department. With this free PDF, learn how to choose and track KPIs in order to improve your practices.

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