Complementary services offered with Gerpaq 

Take advantage of Gerpaq's services for everything related to maintenance outsourcing and the integration of new machines.

CNC and Conventional Machines

GERPAQ has a team of technicians and engineers specialized in the field of industrial mechanics, automation, instrumentation & control of robotics as well as numerically controlled machines (CNC).

No matter what type of machine you own, GERPAQ will have technicians with the required qualifications to help you. The technicians have an average of 20 years of experience in the field of preventive and predictive maintenance as well as in the search for mechanical or electronic faults.

Industrial Engineering

The industrial engineering department will support you in your industrial projects. Starting your approach with industrial engineering will allow you to make the right decisions to carry out various projects.

They are there to help you optimize your layout, improve your processes, reorganize your materials yard, design your new factory and any other project that will allow you to grow.

Design and Manufacturing

The design and manufacturing team is able to meet your expectations regardless of your sector of activity.

The team is bubbling with ideas to ensure efficient and operational production. They are aware of the issues you may encounter and it is essential that you participate in this design.

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