Awesome Features

Automated Work Orders

Generate your work orders automatically without having to send emails or reminders.

Maintenance Schedule

Assign tasks quickly and let the maintenance team know the planning for the upcoming weeks.


Understand your equipment downtimes and apply corrections.

Asset Localization

Know exactly where your assets are and their state.

Dynamic Form Builder

Save time, paper, and resources by using binder's form builder. Never lose important information again.

Equipment Optimization

Use our optimization algorithm to extend the lifecycle of your assets.

Automated Work Orders

Work orders created automatically

binder's work order features let's you know when maintenances are needed, and automatically associate the required tasks.

Simplify your workflow to help you save time and work on extending the lifecycle of your assets.

Maintenance Schedule

Maximize your resources

Using the maintenance scheduler, you'll be able to easily distribute workload across maintenance teams.

Maximize your team's potential and reduce downtime.


Keep track of past maintenances

With binder's unique logbook system, you'll be able to track maintenances and assets states. Use this data to improve your asset's lifecycle.

No training is required. Everyone will understand the logbook and be able to find the information they need.

Asset Localization

Know quickly where your assets are

The map feature will show you rapidly where your assets are. You can map a point or a zone for bigger assets.

It's useful for your team but also contractors.

Dynamic Form Builder

Create all-in-one work instructions

The form builder helps you create instructions for your technicians. Have calibration certificates automatically generated.

Eliminate paper in your workflow to reduce the loss of data.

Equipment Optimization

Improve your maintenance plan

Using the asset optimizer, you'll be able to receive proposals on what maintenances to complete and what their optimal frequencies should be.

Let your assets benefit from our AI driven algorithms .

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