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Swagelok Group Quebec is a company that develops fluid systems products, assemblies and services for the oil, gas, chemical, semiconductor and transportation industries.

75% of Time Management savings

Room to improve multiple processes

Audits Standards

Ensure that equipment has had the necessary maintenance to meet audit standards

Track of Rentals

Have a real-time record of the condition and maintenance of rental equipment

Process Digitalization

Reduce loss of paper through the maintenance/calibration processes

Employees Onboarding

Lack of time to train new employees on a new platform

Respect Audit Standards (ISO 9001)

Every year, it's an intense month to gather all the informations required in order to meet the requirements. Swagelok decided to rely on Binder for their maintenance and calibration history. It helped them save a lot of time on preparation as well as reduce stress on the team during this short period.

Digitilizing Paper into Electronic Forms

By switching to a cloud app, Swagelok was able to save on time on data entry but also reduce human errors during this process. Binder now host all their files and they are accessible anywhere there is a internet connection.

Simplify the Rentals Condition Tracking

With their rental inventory growing, it was getting harder to track everything and errors were appearing. By logging all the information in Binder, they were able to track everything and even allow the client to report anomalies.

Employees Onboarding

Swagelok employee onboarding was already a long process so they didn't want to extend it even more. Thankfully, the app has been designed around UX and is a self-learning concept. They were even able to reduce the onboarding time by using it to simplify other task.

We Believe in Numbers

Here's the results of their first year using Binder


of Management Time Savings


Tracked Assets

17 days

of integration

Binder's solution is intuitive and only takes a few hours to install. Our subcontractors use it every day without having had any prior training. The step-by-step deployment of Binder has allowed us to save significant costs in addition to gaining efficiency in the management of our maintenance. In addition, it greatly facilitates the management of compliance with ISO standards.

Denis Lapointe

Maintenance Director, Groupe Swagelok Quebec

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